Sal’s Spaghetti & Meatballs

“You mean a person can act one way and be thinking the exact opposite?! That’s ridiculous.” ~ Sal Romano ~ He needs to come back to MM~

Another Mad Men Sunday dinner and this time it fell into my usual Italian Sunday dinner category.    My dinner guests were oblivious to the fact that it was a 60’s style dinner dedicated to the men and women of Mad Men, I think that I’m the only one that watches the show out of 8 people, but I sure have fun with the drinks, appetizers, and dinners of the era.   Once again thanks to a Mad Men Cookbook and the Food Timeline there are plenty of ideas to keep me busy for the entire season.

So Italian Sunday it was and while it wasn’t “Sal’s Spaghetti and Meatballs”  which as stated in the Mad Men Cookbook is actually Leone’s Italian Cookbook recipe,  I managed a decent sauce from what I was able to freezer dive for including the gazillion containers of sauce that I made from last year’s tomato crop, the packaged and sealed meatballs and “sauce meat” from my last sauce adventure.  I tossed in fresh basil oregano, and thyme from all of the plants already growing in pots, a couple of bay leaves and two big fat cloves of garlic, Parmigiano and Romano rinds to melt into the pretty basic sauce that makes your house and neighborhood smell like your Italian grandmother’s if you had one.  Not exactly the recipe from the back of the 60’s Mueller’s spaghetti box by any means.

A big batch of garlic bread,  salad dressed with the Good Seasons Italian Dressing that I remember from the 60’s and a lemon ricotta cheesecake filled out the rest of the dinner menu.

Just for fun take a look at how the Good Seasons cruets have changed over the years, I never recall less than 2 in the cabinets in my house, but sadly the lids melt in the dishwasher if they get loose and must be replaced with a new cruet from time to time(comes with 2 packets of dressing).  I upgraded the original dressing recipe with a blend of red wine and white balsamic vinegars and used 1/2 EVOO and regular olive oil, still a perky dressing and plenty left for another salad.

Spaghetti & Meatballs