Grilled Corn and Shrimp with Linguica and Avocado Salad

Grilled Corn and Shrimp with Linguica and Avocado Salad

“These things are just plain annoying. After all the trouble you go to, you get about as much actual “food” out of eating an artichoke as you would from licking 30 or 40 postage stamps. Have the shrimp cocktail instead.” Miss Piggy

Grilled corn, shrimp, and linguica salad adapted from Fine Cooking I changed it up a bit by using part of an Adam Perry Lang grilled shrimp recipe meant for shrimp cocktail and I substituted linguica for the chorizo in the Fine Cooking recipe.  A good salad and perfect for a summer dinner serve with garlic bread.

The links to both recipes are shown below: